4 Living Room Accessories Ideal For People Suffering With Lyme Disease

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When someone is infected with Lyme disease from a tick bite, there are many symptoms that they may suffer through for months or even years after the initial bite. Some of the more common symptoms found with the disease include muscle swelling, joint pain, heavy fatigue, and sleep issues. If you've been diagnosed with Lyme disease, then these pains and symptoms could make it hard to navigate through your own home. Instead of limiting the use of areas like your living room, there are four different things you can purchase to help manage your symptoms and still enjoy everyday life. The following four living room products can be purchased to help you get through the Lyme disease until it has healed and the symptoms have abated

Lift Chairs

As you deal with muscle aches and joint pains, simple tasks like standing up or sitting down can become a real challenge. Instead of straining yourself or making problems worse, you can easily get up or down out of a seating area with the purchase of a lift chairs. Lift chairs have many benefits for people suffering with Lyme disease. An automatic remote control can help push the chair up and guide you into a standing position without putting extra pressure on the joints and muscles. It will take little effort to remove yourself from the chair.

Multiple seating positions in a lift chair also make it easy to relax, take naps, and enjoy sleep when you can. The remote can guide the chair into each of these positions without the need to pull a lever or strain your body in the process. If you're experiencing a lot of muscle pains and aches, a number of these chair designs also feature built-in massaging tools that can help relax the muscle areas. Multiple sizes of the chairs can also be purchased, so you can sit comfortably and have the access that you need.

Digital Remote Controls

Enjoy the comfort of a lift chair while still having access to the whole living room with the use of a digital remote control system. With a single digital remote, you can have access to all types of controls in the room. Basic controls can be used for television, sound systems, and extra accessories like a DVR. Additional controls can be used for the lights, ceiling fans, and automated window blinds. The use of the digital remote can save a lot of strain and give you access to everything with just a few taps.

Rail Systems

When you need to move around or access another room, you can get there easier with the installation of a rail system. Sturdy rails can be installed on the walls of a living room, giving you extra support and access when joint pain is at its worst. A rail system is great for hallways connected to the living room and any stairway areas that lead into the living room. This is ideal if you have the mobility to walk, but need that small extra push to get from room to room in the home.

Assistant Trays

Easily get access to books, remotes, and meals with the use of assistant trays. These trays are different from regular television trays because they have tools that make them easy to swing out in front out of you or push away when you are done using them. An assistant tray can be set up next to an area like a lift chair or a couch. They also have easy and automated swing operations to set the tray up without extra strain or effort. A number of accessories can be built into the trays as well. This includes cup holders or small caddies off the side to hold books and magazines.

Getting through the everyday problems associated with Lyme disease is made a lot easier with these upgrades in your home. In some cases you health insurance may even help you pay for the equipment.

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