Get Tested If You Notice These Signs That You Could Be Allergic To Cosmetic Products

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If you've recently begun to wear cosmetic products, you're likely excited about doing so. However, there's a risk that you'll soon begin to see signs that cosmetic products are not for you. You might wish to ignore these signs and continue wearing your makeup, but doing so could only worsen the symptoms. It's a better idea to cease use of such products and consult an allergist to be tested. If the tests conclude that you are indeed allergic to cosmetics, you may be able to find some non-allergenic products that don't bother you to wear in the future. Here are some signs that you should book this test.

You Experience Skin Irritation

A common sign that your body isn't responding well to the cosmetic products that you use is that your skin gets irritated. For example, you may develop itchiness or even soreness in and around the areas to which you've applied your cosmetic products. The skin in these areas may also appear red, perhaps to the point that you need to apply more cosmetic products to conceal the redness — but this will only make your symptoms worse if you have an allergy.

You Get Other Reactions

It's also possible that you may experience some other signs that your cosmetic products aren't agreeing with your skin and your body overall. For example, when you apply the products around your face, you could begin to sneeze. While one sneeze might simply be unrelated, you could notice that you're sneezing repeatedly — and this may suggest that you have an allergy to your cosmetic products. You could also experience eye irritation, especially if you wear a considerable amount of makeup around your eyes. Your eyes could be watery or itchy, or they may feel tired in a similar way to how they might feel when you've been awake for a long time.

You See Improvements Without Makeup

A simple way to see if it's indeed your cosmetic products that are causing your problems is to stop wearing your makeup. While your skin and eye irritation may continue for a while, you could soon notice that these areas are no longer bothering you after you've ceased to wear your cosmetics for a while. Then, if you decide to resume wearing the cosmetics, you can note how your skin and eyes react. If the symptoms return, it's a likely sign that you have an allergy. A visit to your allergist will help you to know for sure.