Things To Pack When You Accompany A Family Member On An Air Ambulance

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There are generally two types of air ambulances — one is a helicopter that responds to medical emergencies and transports someone whose life is in jeopardy to the hospital, while the other is a jet that takes patients long distances with their families. If you have a family member who requires long-distance transportation, an air ambulance service should be your first call. You or a private ambulance can get your loved one to the nearest airport, where he or she will be loaded onto the plane and cared for throughout the journey by a team of medical professionals. Air ambulance jets can accommodate a few family members, so you may take this trip, too. Here are some things that you'll want to pack.

Overnight Supplies

It's so easy to be focused on your ill loved one when you're getting ready for the air ambulance flight that you neglect yourself. The reality is that because you'll be traveling a considerable distance, you'll almost certainly be staying overnight — and possibly for several days. Although you should always check how much luggage capacity the air ambulance has, you need to pack a selection of personal items for the trip. A carry-on-style bag with clothing, toiletries, and other similar items should be adequate.

Activities For The Flight

Although you might wish to simply sit by the side of your loved one throughout the flight, the reality may be that he or she needs medical care and you'll need to stay out of the way. You want to manage your stress the best you can, and watching the goings-on with your family member may be upsetting. Even though you might not feel like doing anything else, it's a good idea to pack some activities for the flight. Whether it's a novel, a relaxation program on your smartphone, or a book of crossword puzzles, you can use these distractions to your benefit.


Many air ambulance services serve meals to family members on the flights, especially if they're long. However, you may also wish to pack a few snacks for yourself. This can especially be valuable if you have dietary restrictions and aren't sure if you'll be able to eat what is served. Focus on packing healthy snacks that will help to fuel your body — you'll need all of your energy to support your loved one when you reach the new city and travel to the hospital.