Top Benefits Of Laboratory Information Systems

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Laboratories are a cornerstone of the healthcare field; every day physicians and clinicians rely on laboratories to perform important tests so patients can receive the appropriate care. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and the way laboratories are run is changing. In this day and age, more and more laboratories are laboratory information systems (LIS). Laboratory information systems consist of sophisticated software programs that make running a laboratory easier. If you manage or run a laboratory, you may want to seriously consider using a laboratory information system. Some of the top benefits of laboratory information systems include:

Ability to Track Samples

Laboratories receive numerous samples of all types throughout the day, and in order for tests to be run it is essential for all samples to be closely tracked. Unfortunately, in the past, there have been cases of lost samples, which can have a negative effect on a patient's treatment if the proper tests are not run in a timely manner. When there is a LIS in place, it makes it incredibly simple for all samples to be tracked in real time, which eliminates samples getting lost or potentially mixed up with other samples.

Drastically Reduce the Chance of Human Errors

When it comes to the work that laboratories do, it is extremely important to avoid all errors. In some cases, an error made by a laboratory can create a life or death situation. Implementing a LIS that tracks samples, results, and data can drastically reduce the likelihood of human error. Using a LIS will give your laboratory the peace of mind of knowing that everything is properly accounted for and the chance of mistakes is very low.

Time Savings and Efficiency

The main goal of every laboratory is to run the proper tests, produce results, and get the results to the ordering clinician or physician in a timely many. However, in a traditional laboratory, setting it can take a lot of time register samples before testing and re-register them after the tests are completed. A LIS has the major benefit of saving time and increasing laboratory efficiency since the software can speed up the process so those working in a laboratory can focus on running the proper tests. Most LIS also have built-in features that allow a laboratory to instantly send test results straight to a physician so treatment can begin right away. 

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