Times When You Should Call A Urologist Instead Of Primary Care

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Urology is a highly specialized field that addresses issues affecting the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. As a result, they often see more men than women in the clinic, but they do treat women as well. Despite the fact that they have become a standard care provider for many men, some men don't recognize when it's time to call for that first appointment with a urologist. Here's a look at a few key indications that it's time to move beyond your primary care physician and onto a urologist.

You See Blood In Your Urine

Blood in your urine can be a frightening sight, especially because it only takes a small amount to dilute the urine and make the problem look much more serious than it actually is. For some perspective, add a single drop of red food coloring to a bottle of water and shake it up. You'll see how drastically that changes the appearance of the water, which shows that it doesn't take more than a drop of blood to alter the color of your urine and the water in the toilet bowl. However, even if it doesn't take much, you really shouldn't be seeing any at all. So, if you see any signs of blood in your urine, that means it's time to go see a urologist and find out why.

Your Sleep Is Interrupted

If you're struggling with waking up frequently every night to urinate, that's another indication that you should reach out to a urologist. Once in a while is no big deal, but if you're waking up in the middle of the night most nights to pee, that may be an indication of prostate enlargement or other medical conditions. You'll want to work with a urologist to rule out anything serious and to address the issue so you can sleep well again.

Testicular Pain

Pain in your testicles is an abnormality that you should never ignore. Even if it's intermittent and unexplainable, you should reach out to a urologist for an exam. This is especially true if you can feel any kind of lump or mass when you check them yourself. This could be an indication of a testicular mass, which may be an early precursor to cancer. It's important that you don't ignore it.

These are some of the most important times to seek care from a urologist. If you're having any of these symptoms or any others related to your urinary tract or reproductive system, you should reach out to a urologist today for help. Contact a medical center, such as Nashville Healthcare Center, to find the right urologist for you.