Helping Someone Get To Urgent Care

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If someone you know or are with is ill and needs prompt but not emergency healthcare, then one of the best things you can do is help them get to an urgent care center. These facilities are equipped to deal with urgent health problems such as cuts that need stitches, flu symptoms, and possible mild concussions. Navigating urgent care is not hard, but there are a few tips that will come in handy as you assist your friend with this endeavor.

Call ahead.

Most urgent care centers will take walk-in patients, but you may get faster service if you call ahead. When you call the clinic, let the receptionist know what your friend needs treatment for. You don't have to be overly specific. Saying "they hurt their ankle" or "they cut themselves peeling an avocado" is just fine. Call while your friend is nearby in case the receptionist wants to talk to them directly. In most cases, though, you should be able to make the call on their behalf since the receptionist should understand that they are ill.

Take their information to the front desk.

When you get to the urgent care center, you can let your friend take a seat in the waiting area while you take their information to the front desk. This information should include their health insurance card if they have one, their blood type, their doctor's name, and so forth. If you need to ask your friend any questions, you should be able to go back to where they are seated and do so. Standing in line and giving this information to the front desk gives your friend more opportunity to rest and relax.

Ask them if they want you in the room.

Your friend may feel comforted if you go into the exam room with them. Or, this might make them uncomfortable. Ask your friend what they would prefer, and follow their suggestion. If they don't want you to go into the exam room with them, make sure you're at the ready in the waiting room in case they do need you to help them walk back to the seating area, answer questions at the front desk, and so forth.

Going to urgent care is a great way to get prompt medical treatment. However, when someone is ill or injured, they may still need a little help seeking care in this way. The tips above can help you help them. 

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