Learn How To Get Custom Orthotics Made For Your Flat Feet

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Having flat feet can lead to foot tenderness because it is hard to find shoes that provide your feet with the right support they need. When you have flat feet, that means that your feet have little to no noticeable arch. Wearing shoes with high arches will apply pain to the arches of your feet, causing you to have difficulty when you walk or run. Fortunately, you can have special orthotics made to suit your specific needs. The guide below walks you through the process, you need to take to have custom orthotics made for your feet.

Visit a Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in feet. He or she will know how to treat your feet to determine what is causing you to have pain when you walk. There are some people with flat feet who have other issues than just their low arches. The doctor will be able to do x-rays on your feet to make sure that the bones have not become fractured through wearing the wrong shoes for an extended period of time.

Be Fitted for Custom Orthotics

Next, the doctor will take measurements of your foot to send to the technicians who create the custom orthotics that you need. The technicians need to know specific information about your feet to ensure that the orthotics they make fit every inch of your foot properly.

Learn How to Wear the Orthotics

Once the orthotics are made, the doctor will have you return to his office to walk you through the proper way to wear the orthotics. You cannot wear the orthotics with shoes that already have high arches built into them. This will cause you a lot of pain. The doctor will tell you ahead of time what type of shoes you need to purchase to wear the orthotics on a daily basis.

Learn How to Clean the Orthotics

From time to time, you will need to clean the orthotics to make sure that they do not smell from the sweat that is produced by your feet. The doctor will walk you through the process for cleaning the orthotics before you leave the doctor's office. Be sure to follow the directions closely so that your orthotics can last as long as possible.

It will take a few weeks for your feet to get used to the new support that is created by the orthotics. Be sure to wear the orthotics religiously, even if they make your feet a bit tender at first, to get the most out of them that you possibly can in the end. Visit websites like http://www.yourfootdocs.com for more information.