How To Fight The Flu With Good Health Habits

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Every year the United States goes through a flu season. It is hard to predict the when the season will start, but it usually coincides with the beginning of winter, and some years are worse than others.

You can start preparing for flu season by scheduling an appointment with your local family medical care practice. Read on to find out how to fight the flu with good health habits.

Understand How Influenza Works

Influenza is a respiratory infection that commonly develops in your lungs. Common symptoms include severe malaise, short of breath, high fever, and body aches. This can also lead to other respiratory infections.

Influenza is categorized by three types, such as Type A, B, and C. Types A and B occur during most flu seasons. They are also responsible for any outbreaks of respiratory illnesses. Influenza type C is a milder form of the virus. It may cause little or no symptoms. Type C also does not cause a severe impact on the public health like the other two types.

Get A Flu Vaccine

A flu shot is one of the most important steps for protecting against this virus. It protect against infections caused by the flu viruses. The flu virus changes very quickly. For this reason, new versions of the vaccine are made throughout the year.

A flu shot contains a variety of ingredients in small quantities. It often includes a deactivated flu virus. Every ingredient works together to make sure the vaccine is effective and safe.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands is a simple, but very important, task. You should always wash your hands after touching things, especially in public settings. It prevents the spreading of germs. If you do not have soap and hot water, then you should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Cover Your Nose And Mouth

If you are sick, then you are going to cough and sneeze. When you sneeze and cough, mucous tends to come out your mouth and nose. This mucous can get in the air. To protect others, you should cover your nose and mouth when having this reaction.

You should never go to work sick with the flu. If you are sick, then you should call out. Going to work with the virus puts others at risk. It is important to visit a doctor at facilities like the Hampstead Medical Center PC to stay up to date on vaccines.