6 Symptoms You Shouldn't Panic About After Cataract Surgery

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If you have cataracts, you know how devastating the loss of vision can be. But after the surgery to correct it, some patients find that worrying new problems appear to crop up. To help alleviate your fears before your own surgery, here are six symptoms not to panic about in the next few days or weeks.

A Black Eye. Some people develop a black eye from the injection of anesthesia into the area beneath the surgical eye. This bruising is temporary and should fade over the next few days in the normal way bruises do. 

Blurred Vision. Blurry vision is common when you first remove the eye protection. While most patients report clear vision as early as a few hours after surgery, it can take days or even a week for your sight to go back to completely normal. 

Bloodshot Eyes. Bloodshot eyes look bad, but they are just temporary surgical results as well. This is due to some damage to the blood vessels in the whites of the eyes during the procedure. They should clear up as your eye heals over the next few days.

Unequal Vision. Because cataracts are corrected one at a time, you may notice an imbalance or lack of clarity when using both eyes together. Your doctor will usually perform surgery on the other eye within about a month, so this problem will only last until the other eye's vision is also repaired.

Dry or Itchy Eyes. A common complaint for one or two days after surgery is dry or scratchy eyes. This is the healing process. It can be uncomfortable, though, so your doctor may recommend using your eye patch at night to prevent you from accidentally scratching them.

Return of Symptoms. A small number of patients may feel that their cataract is 'returning' over time. The resulting blurry vision is disconcerting, for sure. But it's probably not a sign of a new cataract. Posterior capsule opacity (PCO) appears to be a blurry film in the eye. It can be treated with a simple in-office laser treatment, though, so it's not as bad as it may seem at first glance.

When you know what to expect after surgery — even though some effects may seem scary — you can relax and let your recovery progress the way it should. And then you can get back to clear vision and living your life the way you want to. Contact a clinic, like the eye center inc, for more help.