Handling Your Heel Pain: The Different Ways To Get Some Relief

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Do you experience a lot of heel pain throughout the day? If it is hard for you to stand, walk, run, or do much of anything on your feet, you could have plantar fasciitis, a type of condition that occurs when the tissue within your feet becomes inflamed. As a result of the inflammation, you could experience a lot of pain and discomfort. Even doing something as simple as walking to the store could leave you feeling completely uncomfortable. If this is the case, you may feel relieved to know that there are ways to reduce your pain.

Wear Proper Shoes

You may have some inflammation because you are wearing shoes that are uncomfortable or shoes that do not fit properly. Make sure to always wear the proper shoes. In fact, you could benefit from wearing protective orthopedic shoes that provide additional support. If you do not want to wear the orthopedic shoes, start looking for shoe inserts that you can add to the different shoes you wear, including sneakers, flats, heels, and even boots. A podiatrist can make custom inserts for you that will dramatically increase your comfort.

Stretch and Soak the Feet

Something as simple as soaking the feet in warm water for around 20 minutes and then performing a few simple foot stretches could help with relieving some of your pain. While it may initially hurt to do a few stretches with your feet, you should start to notice an improvement if you are persistent enough. Some people prefer to stretch their feet while they are soaking them in the warm water because the warm sensation provides a bit of extra relief.

Talk to the Podiatrist About Steroid Injections

If the pain is becoming unbearable and you are tired of it getting in the way of you being able to have fun or get to different places when you need to do so, you should speak to the podiatrist about the possibility of getting steroid injections. The podiatrist will need to examine your feet and talk to you about the level of pain you are experiencing before deciding if the steroid injections would be the best treatment method for you.

Heel pain is often incredibly challenging to deal with because you need to be able to use your feet each day. The pain you feel could keep you from doing as much as you would like to do. However, there are ways to get relief. You may reduce your pain by wearing the right shoes, wearing inserts inside your shoes, stretching the feet, soaking the feet, and even getting steroid injections at the office while seeing the podiatrist. Contact a clinic, like Collier Podiatry PA, for more help.