A Gastric Sleeve Procedure Might Help You Lose Weight When Your Other Efforts Have Failed

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If you're discouraged that you can't lose weight or you're concerned that your excess weight is harming your health, you may want to discuss weight loss surgery with your doctor. Bariatric surgery, such as the gastric sleeve procedure, has proven to be effective for fast weight loss and all the benefits that losing the excess weight brings.

However, you have to be prepared to make lifelong changes to your eating patterns to keep the weight off. Here are some things to know about getting gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss.

Part Of Your Stomach Is Permanently Removed

When your doctor performs this operation, they remove a large part of your stomach so the remaining part looks like a sleeve. This surgery isn't considered reversible like some other weight loss procedures, and it doesn't bypass your intestines and cause problems with malabsorption like some bariatric surgeries. However, you may be instructed to take vitamins for the rest of your life.

When you have your consultation with the weight loss doctor, you may discuss the various types of surgery so you understand the differences between them. The gastric sleeve procedure has become a popular choice, and it might be the option your doctor recommends for you.

You'll Need A Short Hospital Stay

This type of weight-loss surgery is done laparoscopically, so your recovery is fairly fast, and you shouldn't have a lot of pain. You'll probably stay one or two nights in the hospital and then go home if your condition allows it.

Even though you'll be in the hospital, you'll be encouraged to get up and walk around shortly after the procedure. Walking after surgery helps prevent complications, and it's the start of your new journey with exercise and increasing your activity to assist weight loss.

Your Diet Changes Drastically

The change to your diet begins before you have your surgery. Your insurance carrier might require you to lose a certain percentage of your body weight before they'll approve your gastric sleeve procedure. Plus, losing weight shrinks your liver so it is out of the way for the operation.

You'll be on a liquid diet before the surgery and for a while after your operation. In a few weeks, you may start eating soft foods and gradually add regular foods back in your diet.

Once you've had the gastric sleeve operation, you fill up much faster, so you eat less. This is one reason the operation is successful at helping you lose weight. Another important reason you lose weight is because you are forced to change your dietary habits.

You'll meet with a dietitian and learn how to choose healthy, low-calorie foods so you can keep weight off for the long term. You may need to give up soda, desserts, and junk food, but losing weight and gaining good health makes the sacrifice worth it.

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