Is It Possible To Eliminate Fat Cells?

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Many people find themselves frustrated with the presence of flabby areas on the body, especially when they're working hard to get rid of them. While losing weight overall will usually help, for some people these areas of fat will remain despite their best efforts. If you're troubled because you've reached your goal weight and still have problem areas, it's likely due to simple biology. Here's what you should know about fat cells, the trouble they can pose for looking your best, and how to get rid of them for good.

How Fat Cells Form

Fat cells are like nearly every other cell in the human body. Everyone is born with fat cells, which are simply cells that are designed to hold fat molecules, either to store them, or to wait until they're ready to be burned off for energy. No one can completely eliminate 100% of their fat cells, but that's normal; even the thinnest and fittest people still have a bit of fat under their skin, as it's simply a part of being alive. However, an excess of these cells can make you look less than your best, even if you've lost most of the fat that they were actually carrying.

The Problem With Having Them

The main problem with fat cells sticking around after you've lost weight is that they work like every other cell in the body: they reproduce.

For example, when you put on a few pounds, your body generates new skin cells in order to grow your skin and make room for that extra weight. Fat cells are the same way. When you reach a certain threshold of fat in your body, the body has to produce new fat cells in order to hold and accommodate it all. However, once you've lost the weight, these new fat cells remain. Even if they're empty, they'll stick around, and if there's enough of them – which is especially common if you lost a lot of weight – they can lead to you looking less fit than someone who didn't gain any weight in the first place. Due to the nature of the body replacing old cells, these fat cells are here to stay, unless you get help from outside.

How to Permanently Get Rid of Them

The good news is that these days, there are methods for permanently getting rid of unwanted fat cells, especially after losing weight. A treatment called Coolsculpting does just this. It uses extreme, targeted cold on the areas of your body that you're dissatisfied with. This level of cold is safe for your skin and muscles, but damages fat cells, leading the body to destroying and eliminating them completely. While it isn't an immediate process, people typically see results in the weeks following Coolsculpting that let them achieve their goals. If you're tired of looking the way that you are despite your best efforts to lose weight and tone up, it may be time to look into this procedure.

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