Choosing A Reiki Practitioner

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Reiki healing can be incredibly life-changing for many who deal with various ongoing and chronic health conditions. However, if there are several reiki healers in your area, you may struggle to choose between them. It's important to remember that no reiki practitioner is necessarily better than another one — but a certain healer may be a better fit for you, personally. To help you find that perfect healer who suits your needs, consider the following advice.

Look For Someone Who You Feel Comfortable Around

Reiki is an exchange of energy between you and your healer. That exchange flows more easily if the healer is someone you naturally feel comfortable and open around. So, when you meet various healers, pay attention to how you feel in each one's presence. Is there someone to who you feel especially drawn? Is there a healer who just makes you feel seen or at ease? If so, that's the first person you should consider working with. Your sessions will likely be more productive, and you're more likely to see results early on.

Look For Someone Who Has Experience Working with Patients Who Have Your Condition

Different disorders affect the body's energy in different ways. Cancer, for instance, affects energy differently from arthritis. While all reiki practitioners should be able to address any condition, to some degree, a healer who has dealt with your condition before will be more familiar with it. They may have a better idea of exactly how to moderate your energy flow for the greatest healing. So, as you meet with various practitioners, be sure to mention the condition you're dealing with and ask about their experience with it.

Look For Someone with an Open, Flexible Schedule

It can be hard to know, in the beginning, how you are going to react to reiki. You may feel better for weeks after your first treatment, or you may find yourself craving another session just days later. As such, it is wise to look for a healer who can keep their schedule open and flexible, and one whose availability is a good match for your own. This way you can schedule appointments as needed until you get a better idea of exactly how often you'll want to enjoy reiki.

If you follow the advice above, you should have an easier time choosing a reiki practitioner. If nothing else, schedule one session, see how it goes, and then proceed from there. 

Contact a local reiki practitioner for more information.